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Kelvin Health

Kelvin is an AI-powered platform which allows you to discover signs of various thermally verifiable diseases.


Platform that helps healthcare practitioners improve the outcome of antibiotic prescription in hospitals.

Awarded by Intel


A platform helping expats join local healthcare systems.

Awarded by Microsoft


Wasteful turns plastic and construction waste into pavers.

Awarded by Fedex


A mobile app for first time fathers.


A mobile app for personal dating & relationship coaching.


Centroida delivers end-to-end AI solutions and services to enterprises and organizations.

Home academy

Study online, wherever you are with the most suitable teacher for you.


Monit is a tool for small and medium sized online businesses, which helps you monitor your competition, find potential partners, and stay informed on relevant industry news.


Tool that helps you share your contact details and connect with people.


AI Software that helps farmers make wine better, while minimising losses

Awarded by Avalande


Smart electric push-bike that is bound to change the way you feel about commuting

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Денис Ганев: SuperMe е академия за супергерои с изключително силна кауза

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Bloomberg TV

Иновативен проект спомага за производството на качествено вино

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Българи създадоха база данни с европейското здравно осигуряване

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Българският студентски стартъп Bevine с награда за иновация от европейското състезание на Джуниър Ачийвмънт

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Kelvin Health: The AI Thermal Imaging Startup On A Journey To Make Remote Disease Screening As Easy As Taking A Selfie

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Архитектката, която създаде платформа в помощ на младите хора, които ще заминават в чужбина

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Bloomberg TV

Георги Мутафчиев за стартъпа Knnect Me

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The Recursive

Who are the drivers of student-led innovation in Bulgaria

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Кажи ми как да стана богат

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